At the core of our business is streetscape lighting and landscape decorative lighting. Limelight thrives on exploring the potential of your streetscape and delivering on two key aspects. The first being of course the WOW factor, and the second is providing well considered lighting for the environment.  In many cases it is also providing the community with a greater sense of safety in park-lands and shopping areas and injecting the suburb with community pride.

At Limelight we encourage programmable multi event lighting systems which can be controlled remotely.  This allows the end user to control the lighting “scenes’ or “stories” to suit any theme during the year, such as Christmas, Local Vivid, New Years, Pink Ribbon Day, Cultural events etc. Most systems can hold an innumerable number of pre sets. This ensures that your installation remains fresh to the public eye and that you are getting the most of your investment.

We place a strong emphasis on listening to your needs and delivering a system which will exceed your expectations.

Limelight has extensive experience in: Architectural High-LightingTree lightingFeature lightingLED spot / flood lightingIntelligent lighting and control systemsCommercial grade LED fairy lightsSubmersible Lighting for swimming pools and water features.

Streetscape Lighting Projects