The MTX108 commercial grade LED Floodlight Projector (RGB) can illuminate large scale architecture, building facades, structures and sculptures and large-scale wall-washing throwing an enormous amount of light.

Limelight has installed these units to illuminate 50 metre high mature gums trees from a 30 metre distance and the MTX units absolutely bathed the trees in a wash of pure saturated coloured light.

The entire parkland was transformed into a coloured lighting display from 12 units mounted onto six light poles.  An amazing display of light output from the Limelight MTX108 series of LED floodlights.

The units are DMX addressable, 0-100% dim-able and have a very unobtrusive industrial appearance allowing them to blend into any existing architectural facade, light pole, bridge, retaining wall, – without taking from the original architectural design intention.

Link the units together to create a ground wash array or install them individually to highlight and target specific features.

LED Floodlight Projector Size Options:

The units are available in narrow 15 degree, medium 35 degree or wide 45 degree formats to suit a multitude of design ideas and applications.

The Limelight MTX108 LED floodlight projector is the perfect choice for any medium to large scale exterior lighting application requiring a huge splash of colour from a reliable, intelligent, workhorse that will focus everyone’s attention on the lighting display and have the lighting fixtures nicely sit in the background as a stylish accompaniment.

In addition, these fittings are available with various beam angles, mounting configurations and LED colour output options including RGB and DMX control.

LED Floodlight Projector Image

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