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Work cover and accident insurance policies insist that all electrical performance lighting and control equipment be tested and tagged by a licensed Electrical Performance Contractor at least twice a year.

This procedure ensures that all:

  • Stage Luminaries
  • Follow-spots
  • Dimmer racks
  • Patch panels
  • Powered Lighting Bars
  • Extension leads
  • Multicore cables, etc.
  • Headers and tails

are either deemed safe or are illegal to operate until repaired.

In the event of an accident, illegally operated or an untagged lighting rig will render your insurance policy void.

FYI: Australian Standards has deemed Par 64 splitters in NSW illegal, solution available.

For all your stage lighting and audio requirements and/or questions contact Limelight, the fully insured licensed Electrical Performance Contractor. Operate your performance space in legitimate safety and with confidence.